nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 4:16 PM Posted by Rebecca

I was reading a great blog the other day, and the author had listed out things that made her happy. I think this is a good thing to do from time to time, and can be helpful for lifting yourself out of a bad mood. However, I was inspired to do the opposite of this, and list out things that are bugging the proverbial bleep out of me right now. If you want to read an encouraging, hopeful, happy post, just scroll to my previous entry and you will have all the sunshine and moonbeams you can stand. Sometimes I think when I post so many positive entries, it might give off the impression that being fused is easy as pie, and that it's an easy transition. And for the most part for me personally (thankfully), it has been an easy transition, and as I've said before, the things I've given up were well worth the things I've gained from the surgery. BUT there are things that are annoying, frustrating, and just plain irritating.

SO here is my Anti-Happy List:

1. Shaving my legs since this surgery has become quite the chore. Not that shaving has ever been an 'enjoyable' experience, but now that I am taller and therefore further away from my ankles than ever before, reaching said ankles takes quite a bit of gymnastics and core body strength. It can be done, but let's just say it is not easy trying to balance on one leg and not bend and not fall. I feel I am doomed to fuzzy ankles. Please do not look too closely at my ankles. Thanks.

Log Rolling to Get Out of Bed
2. Getting into bed, and then realizing the sheets are way down at my shins. Doesn't seem like such a big thing right? Well next time this happens to you, try to reach them without bending your body down to get them. I have to log roll over, sit up, and then pull them up, then lay back down. It must be the-nearness-and-yet-so-far-ness of the situation that grates on me. I can't remember ever thinking about this before I had surgery, but I seem to think about my sheets on a regular basis now.

3. Losing bobby pins. (I know this has nothing to do with scoliosis or fusion, but this really annoys me.) For the life of me, I do not know where they go. Somehow I always only have 4 or 5, rusty, strangely shaped pins. I don't understand this, as to my knowledge, I never chew on, wash, or put them in a trash compactor. When I buy a new pack, I might as well throw 95% straight into the trash can, and then step on the last 5 so that they become unusable, bizarre shapes. This also happens with hair ties and hair clips. Somewhere out there in the world is a large pile of hardly used hair-related products that belong to me.

4. Shoes with buckles. So I'm glad that there seems to be a trend of cute, strappy sandles that don't hurt my back to wear. But the genius that places the buckle on the outside of the foot has obviously never had scoliosis surgery. It can take me anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of sweaty frustration before I can thread the strap through the buckle, and then another to get it actually securely buckled.

5. The Mostly-Old (and few random young) People who give me dirty looks when they see me get out of my car parked in a handicap spot. I used to feel self-conscious about parking there. But now I feel like, hey, when you have 26 screws and two rods in your spine, then come talk to me. But I still don't like the dirty looks.

Which brings me to number 6: Getting in and out of the car. It's not as bad as the first 2-3 months post-op, but sometimes I get really annoyed with backing up into the seat, and hitting my head. And forget about not being able to find a handicap spot and having to squeeze out of the half opened door without twisting....

7. I really, really, really miss sleeping on my stomach. I was a devoted stomach sleeper pre-op. Now I can lay on either side, or on my back, but no stomach. It's not good for anyone with a fusion as high as mine to lay on their stomach because of the extra pressure it puts on your neck and cervical vertebra. sigh....I miss it.

And that's it for now. Thankfully, it's a short list.

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  1. Berenice Says:

    Hello, Have you ever seen the movie "The Brand New Testament (French: Le Tout Nouveau Testament)? I think you might enjoy it.

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