Goodbye sweet Charlie...

Many of you remember me often talking about our sweet Charlie, our aged and faithful malti-poo rescue dog. Charlie passed away peacefully and painlessly in my arms at home last Saturday night. He was 17 years old, and we have treasured the last 7 years we have had with him. When I found him he was already almost 10 years old at the local SPCA here in Orlando, and he stole my heart. By adopting an older dog we knew we might not get as much time with him, but man, we hit the jackpot. He was incredibly sweet, loyal, great with kids, funny, bossy, and most importantly our first baby. He hated all other dogs, except for Alfredo and Uber, whom he tolerated with indifference. He loved cats, especially Stoli. His favorite things to do were go for walks, eat anything that fell on the floor (or anything he could grab when you weren't looking), snuggle, and sit in the sunshine. He snored like a grown man, and loved having his belly rubbed. I'm pretty sure his favorite food was popcorn, and the only thing he wouldn't eat was fruit.

Losing him feels like we've lost a limb. I keep waiting to hear his little feet on the tile, or him barking to come back in from outside. He has been with us since we first got married, and was by my side through my awful four surgeries. He would spend all day with me on the couch when I was in horrible pain, and he encouraged me to take what little walks I could do because I knew he needed to get exercise. We took him with us EVERYWHERE we could, and he loved that. It's going to take a long time to adjust to the idea that he is not going to be waiting impatiently for us to get home (whether we were gone for 5 minutes or 30, he always acted like we had been gone for 10 days). He has been a huge part of our lives as a married couple, and was such a source of joy and comfort while we waited for our first fur-less baby, Jude.

Shelter dogs are amazing. If you are ever looking for a dog, please give one a chance. They just might change your life forever. You can find out more about Charlie and all he did for me through my surgeries and recoveries here: In Honor Of My Therapy Dog

We will miss our faithful friend, and never forget the love he gave us.