:The First 3 Months Of Recovery:

The first few months of this surgery is incredibly difficult, and the most taxing thing I have ever endured.
And that was without any major complications. Please read these posts with a grain of salt, as every person recovers differently, at different speeds, and with different struggles. One thing is constant though, the initial 2-3 months are difficult for everyone.

I hope by sharing this chronological look into my personal recovery, it will give you a good sense of the ups and downs of recovering from this surgery. You can also go back through my Blog Archive and read the other posts from 3 months post-op and beyond.

I also suggest reading this small website: http://www.scoligirl.com/
She has an excellent section on immediate recovery and long term recovery, that was a great help for me when I was preparing for this surgery.

For my guide to surviving the constipation battle click here.

January (1st Month of Recovery):
Home Safe
Checking In
What It's Like (my description of my hospital experience)
Misery Loves Company
2 Weeks Post-Op
Before and After (first Post-op Visit with Surgeon)
Slowly but Slowly
On Track
Growing Bone
4 Weeks Post-Op

February (2nd Month of Recovery):
In Praise Of
Successfully Quitting (Suggestions on how to back down off the painkillers)
Happy Birthday Charlie!
Many Counselors
Walk This Way 
8 Weeks Post-Op
It's Come A Long Way

March (3rd Month of Recovery):
Easy Does It
When He Says No
The House Inside Me
A Friend Loves
11 Weeks Post-Op
Where I Am Today (3 Months Post-Op)
Growth Spurt