:Previous Surgeries:

First Surgery: 
When: October 2007
Type: Discectomy and Laminectomy of Herniated disc at L2-3 Level.
Reason: Herniated disc causing severe pain down left leg, weakness, burning, and inability to sit up.
Where: Shands Orthopedic Center
Result: After 3 month recovery Initial healing and reduction of pain, but once I started resuming normal activities, such as walking, sitting or going up and down stairs, my pain came back. My pain came back within 2 months of having this surgery.

Second Surgery:
My L2-3 Fused with Aspen
When: November 2008
Type: Lumbar Fusion at L2-3, using Aspen and Cage
Reason: L2-3 had re-herniated a few months after previous surgery, pain in leg constant and worsening.
Where: Orlando Regional Medical Center
Result: After 6 month recovery, initial reduction in pain, but never to a degree where I could return to work without pain. At 8 months post-op my surgeon became concerned, as there should have been better results. He ordered a CAT scan and discovered that the hardware (specifically the cage) used had slipped during the healing process and was putting pressure again on the L2-3 nerve root.
Here is a video describing spinal fusion, although my surgeon opted to use the Aspen instead of a plate, or rods and screws to hold the spine while it healed. Click HERE to view another video showing a lumbar fusion specifically.

Third Surgery:
When: August 2009
Type: Revision of L2-3 Fusion, Removal of Aspen and Cage
Where: Orlando Regional Medical Center
Result: After intense 6 month recovery, drastic reduction in leg pain, though still very limited in how long I could sit. Overall, felt much better after this surgery than I had in years. However, my scoliosis continued to progress, and at about 8 months post-op, I started having new pain in my right leg. That was when I went to see my surgeon, and he told me my options were waiting till I absolutely had to have the surgery, or going ahead and doing now.