:A Short History:

I was diagnosed with idiopathic scoliosis around the age of 12. At that time, I had a double major S curve measuring around 41 degrees on top, and 42 degrees on the bottom. Here's a picture of what my curves looked like...this isn't me, but my x-rays looked almost identical to this at that age:
Those curves were very large, but not  large enough for the surgeons we were seeing to recommend surgery. We opted to wear a Charleston Night Bending Brace and to "watch and wait." I wore that uncomfortable contraption every night until I stopped growing. It kept me from getting any worse, and was told by my doctors that now that I had finished growing, I would never need to worry about my curves progressing. In their words, my back was just like everybody else's, it just looked a little different. I was told to go on with my life, and not to worry about it.

Well, if only they had been right! I was 28 years old when my curves are were measuring around 52 degrees both top and bottom. My curves were starting to deform my shoulders and have been causing all kinds of pain for years. So many problems in fact, I had already had 3 surgeries! (Click HERE to read about them!)

Once I reached over 50 degrees, my current surgeon said that if I wanted to go ahead with the surgery to correct my scoliosis, we could. But..and here was the BIG but...I didn't HAVE to have it until I got up around the 60 degree range. And there was no way of telling for sure if I ever would have progressed to that point. I could have remained where I was, or I could progressed 3 to 5 degrees in as many years. He did say that having children could affect my curves, and that the best time to have it is when you are young and healthy.

Here is my pre-op x-ray alongside what my curves looked like when I was 18-19:

You can really see by the top curve how much my curves progressed!